Our Projects

Coexistence Tourism

Coexistence Tourism We promote authentic guided tours in Palestinian towns and villages and also coordinate and connect between the local Palestinian guides who independently organize and held them and people who are interested in visiting. These tours are attended by groups and individuals from various backgrounds, including nature-loving Israelis, businessmen, tourists, peace-seekers, agricultural enthusiasts, foreign...

Social Tours – Israeli and Palestinian Women

Connecting between Palestinian and Israeli women. Women tours and meetings that aim to strengthen the bonds and connections between different groups. It provides a platform for learning about other cultures through meeting one another and traveling together. We believe that such experience enriches and expands the participants' views. Furthermore, it makes it possible to understand...

Israeli-Palestinian Entrepreneurship

Assistance in building business plans for local small businesses

The Abrahamic Tent Project

The Abrahamic Tent will be a multicultural coexistence, social and economic meeting place.

Intercultural Events

Intercultural Events A joint event with the Abrahamic Movement that was held in October 2019 with the purpose of celebrating the Sukkot Holiday in a special Sukkah that was located at the entry to Husan. The Sukkah walls were made of local fabric and decorated with traditional Palestinian decorations. Pots and pans were specially purchased...

Local Farmers Market

Local Farmers Market In 2020 we worked on a project to promote Palestinian women to contribute to the household income. The idea was to use their cooking talent and experience to sell their traditional Palestinian homemade food and products to local Israelis. Lonny took the initiative to organize the whole project. He built a menu...

Environmental Programs

With modernization processes many villages that in the past used local products that were organic or recyclable and more environmentally friendly started buying and using products of mass consumption that are not sustainable and include many materials that damage the environment.

Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program

Public access defibrillation (PAD) program

Tourist Visitors’ Center

Tourist Visitors' Center Visitors' center


Renovation of Husan's ancient irrigation system Husan (حوسان) is a Palestinian Arab village in southwestern Bethlehem. The village is located on the side of a mountain from which many springs emerge - a real hidden paradise. The uniqueness of the place is the impressive traditional organic irrigated agriculture that is hundreds of years old. Vegetable...

Language Connections

Creation of language learning platform learning as a means of bonding and bridging between different societies One of human experience's most rewarding aspects is our ability to connect with others. While many different and varied forms of communication exist, the use of language is one of the most important and basic ones. Moreover, while many...

Child and Youth Education

Early Childhood Education Early childhood education is an important stage in children's life because it is when they first learn how to interact with others and also begin to develop fields of interest that will stay with them throughout their lives. This program is aimed to expose young Palestinian children and youth to new learning...